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The Design Kids

After being a designer for 6 years, Frankie started looking for bigger ways to be involved in the industry. She began lecturing to compliment her design work, and found a huge disconnect been studying and working.

She launched The Design Kids in November 2009, a platform to help connect students to the industry. What started as a shop where students could design and sell cool stuff, turned into an exhibition combining students and creative directors.


The initial Sydney exhibition was so successful, that Melbourne and Brisbane followed the same year, featuring twenty of the top studios in each city!


These were followed in 5 other Australian cities in 2013 and another 8 Australian cities in 2014. Quickly TDK evolved into an online resource for the students to learn more about the industry itself. 

The success in Australia and some new big sponsorship meant trialing it in completely different countries, to see if the disconnect existed elsewhere too. So Frankie decided to combine her love of travel with design and took TDK on the road.


Frankie launched TDK New Zealand in 2015, America & Canada in 2016 and Europe in 2017.

By 2018, after a 6 year roadtrip, visiting 24 cities across the Middle East, Africa, Central & South America and Asia, The Design Kids is becoming the biggest online resource and community for graphic design students around the world.

Instagram: @thedesignkids

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